Animal Health Services


The practice is owned and operated by three senior vets - David Butler, Andrew Twiddy and Jim Houlton - who have 45 years of local experience between them. They are joined by assistant Julia McCracken.

This business structure gives the practice stability, a commitment to service and a minimal turnover of vets. These factors combine to mean your farm is getting a better service all of the time.

The Animal Health Services approach is to focus on production animals within a tight geographical area. This allows us to provide an extremely high level of service and continuity of care.

We work alongside our farmers to get to know their businesses, sharing common goals of risk management and profit enhancement.

Our role is to provide you with professional business advice and support, as well as an emergency service.

Although our focus is production animals, we also provide a small animal service in conjunction with Central City Vets, Rotorua. In the same way that we focus on our area of expertise, we leave small animal care to the experts at Central City Vets. We co-ordinate your care and billing.