Animal Health Services


Animal Health Services provides the full range of long-term and emergency production animal health care, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Our comprehensive list of services includes:


  • Dated Pregnancy testing using portable (battery-powered) scanners
  • Fertility and Synchronisation programmes
  • Metrichecking
  • Mastitis monitoring service with qualified machine tester available
  • Grade busting service
  • Dry cow and TeatSeal insertion service
  • A calf disbudding service that is quick, painless and self-sufficient
  • Bull Fertility Testing
  • Dairy youngstock monitoring service, including weighing, trace element supplementation, vaccination, drench programme, mating and feed budgeting
  • All four of our vets are trained In Calf advisers, which enables us to investigate and quantify every area that affects your six-week in calf and empty rates. We show you where the problems lie, how much it's costing you and how best to deal with the problems
  • We have two HEALTHY HOOF advisers to investigate lameness issues on dairy farms. A whole-farm approach is employed to find where the problems are coming from and how to fix them
  • Farm staff training seminars throughout the year. Subjects covered include Spring First Aid, Heat Detection, Non-Cyclers, Lameness, and Mastitis Management

Sheep & Beef

  • Dated pregnancy testing
  • Fertility and synchronisation programmes
  • Ram soundness, Brucella testing and vasectomies
  • HGP insertion service for beef steers
  • Drench resistance testing (FECRT)
  • Bull fertility testing
  • Drench programmes


  • Dated Pregnancy testing
  • Deer AI and ET programmes
  • TB Testing
  • Velvetting service and Velvet assessment

Lifestyle blocks

  • Assistance, advice and support


  • Trace element testing and supplementation schemes
  • Feed budgeting and nutritional advice
  • Vaccination schemes including Leptosure
  • Herd/Flock health plans
  • Spore counting service for Facial Eczema
  • We also hold regular dairy, sheep and beef, and deer evening seminars. These meetings give our farmers a chance to hear from experts in their area of farming